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Dunny Series 2010

Throughout the world, Kidrobot has released their anticipated Dunny 2010 series. Just like you, we’ve been following their countdown, where they would introduce a new dunny every day. Below you can see some sweet looking pieces by Sket-One, Kozik, Jesse Hernandez, MAD, Triclops, Beast Brothers, and CW.


The Figures are available non-blind-packed(!) for Prices from 8,50€ – 85 €  at Superchan or, like we are used to it – blindpacked for 7,50 € at

Black in White from Luke Chueh


From Designer Luke Chue comes a new Toy which reminds me of a character of the movie Donnie Darko… It looks like the scary bunny, appearing in Donnies dreams. A quite unusually movie, watch it if you havent already. But enough of movies, this is a vinyl-toy review, no movie review. This sweet toy is about 8 inches tall, made from vinyl and comes with a furry suit plus a really sharp knife. It took the artist 2 years in the making… lets see if it was wworth the wait.

Available 01.09.2010 from Munkyking