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Teddy Troops Contest

The jury of the  Teddy Troop Contest had a hard decision in finding the winners for this excellent contest.

Oups from France made it as the 1st. (right)

Second placed is dust from germany , who will show his RAS Customized Edition at Pretty Portal in Düsseldorf next month. (center)

Third winner is Leigh Pearce from Brighton/UK. (left)


Paul Roberte builds monsters from plush and wood.

He just showed his work at the ‘THIS IS FOR YOU’ Art Show in Machester & London- June/July 200 at Projekts gallery

Monstersize !


Everybody who is madly in love with vinyl- and designtoys has to know

Toykio is a cool shop with new stuff like: Dunny French Series, El Pand GID, Red Demon, Kozik Smokey, Sluggadamon, Finders Keeperz,  Acid Sweeties and more.

Check out the website and shop.