Dunny Series 2010

Throughout the world, Kidrobot has released their anticipated Dunny 2010 series. Just like you, we’ve been following their countdown, where they would introduce a new dunny every day. Below you can see some sweet looking pieces by Sket-One, Kozik, Jesse Hernandez, MAD, Triclops, Beast Brothers, and CW.


The Figures are available non-blind-packed(!) for Prices from 8,50€ – 85 €  at Superchan or, like we are used to it – blindpacked for 7,50 € at Collective.at

Black in White from Luke Chueh


From Designer Luke Chue comes a new Toy which reminds me of a character of the movie Donnie Darko… It looks like the scary bunny, appearing in Donnies dreams. A quite unusually movie, watch it if you havent already. But enough of movies, this is a vinyl-toy review, no movie review. This sweet toy is about 8 inches tall, made from vinyl and comes with a furry suit plus a really sharp knife. It took the artist 2 years in the making… lets see if it was wworth the wait.

Available 01.09.2010 from Munkyking

dust RAS customized series pics

Here are the pictures of the dust RAS customized series.


Joey Potts




Miss Nuki



Mr. Slurg


Tom Brane

All Toys are available at Pretty Portal online store.

The exhibition is opened monday to friday 3 to 6 p.m.

more info : www.prettyportal.de


Matt Hawkins of (custompapertoys.com) shares with us his latest papertoy project – dubbed: Build-O-Bama – featuring U.S. Presidential-hopeful, Barack Obama in paper-form!

Matt also mentions: “I wanted to show my support for Barack in a creative and positive way. I’ve been thinking a lot about my work and while I love to make funny little characters I feel like it’s my responsibility as an artist to speak my mind through my work every once in a while when I feel strongly about something. Obama is one of the first canidates to come along (ever) who has actually inspired me to create art! Paper to the people!

Quelle: http://www.toysrevil.net/

dust RAS customized Series

The Streertartist dust, creator of the designtoy RAS,  inspired 12 international artists to customize his RAS.

For this collaboration he found artists like case(maclaim/Schmalkalden), Eliot(Berlin), Joey Potts(Chicago), Knix(stuttgart), Magic(D´dorf, Luzern), Miss Nuki(Freiburg), Mr. Slurg(Hamburg), Nychos(Wien), Tasso(maclaim, Meerane) Tombrane(Freiburg) and Tricky(Paris).

Most of the artists also created a canvas that fits to the customized character.

All customized toys and the canvases can be seen in one exhibition at the gallery Pretty Portal in Düsseldorf in September/ October.

RAS customized Series

Exhibition: 19.09. – 17.10.2008
vernissage: 19.09.2008 19h – 23h

case(maclaim/Schmalkalden), dust (Freiburg), Eliot(Berlin), Joey Potts(Chicago), Knix(stuttgart), Magic(D´dorf, Luzern), Miss Nuki(Freiburg), Mr. Slurg(Hamburg), Nychos(Wien), Tasso(maclaim, Meerane) Tombrane(Freiburg) and Tricky(Paris)

Music by DJ Penelope (version)

Gallery Pretty Portal
Brunnenstr. 12
40223 Düsseldorf

More info about dust:

Templates for all toys

A huge library of templates for a large ammoun of different toys are available at vinyltoys.nl. Templates are available from:

Teddy Troops Contest

The jury of the  Teddy Troop Contest had a hard decision in finding the winners for this excellent contest.

Oups from France made it as the 1st. (right)

Second placed is dust from germany , who will show his RAS Customized Edition at Pretty Portal in Düsseldorf next month. (center)

Third winner is Leigh Pearce from Brighton/UK. (left)


Paul Roberte builds monsters from plush and wood.

He just showed his work at the ‘THIS IS FOR YOU’ Art Show in Machester & London- June/July 200 at Projekts gallery


Monstersize !


Everybody who is madly in love with vinyl- and designtoys has to know www.toykio.de

Toykio is a cool shop with new stuff like: Dunny French Series, El Pand GID, Red Demon, Kozik Smokey, Sluggadamon, Finders Keeperz,  Acid Sweeties and more.

Check out the website and shop.


STRANGEco produces original art toys and distributes a variety of designer toy lines – plus some cool books, magazines and assorted.

check the website

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